AC Lab Booking System - Account Creation

This article will cover how to create an account in the AC Labs Booking System.

NOTE: Once you’ve submitted your account creation request, it must be manually approved before you will be able to login. You will receive an email from ACLS Booking to confirm that your account has been approved.


Fill in the following details as below:

  • Given Name

  • Family Name

  • Email Address

  • Password (You must input your normal password used at SVI)

  • Work Phone (You are welcome to use the SVI main line, or your extension number)

The other fields are optional and are safe to ignore.


Select your Organisation, if you are an SVI employee, please select “St Vincents Institute”

If you are not from SVI, select your appropriate Organisation. If it is not listed, please lodge an IT Request at and we will add this for you.


For Supervisor, select the Default Supervisor.


On the last page, you’ll be provided a list of all the fields you have filled in, ensure these are all correct. If they are not, please close the page and go back to and start the registration process again.

Enter your SVI password.


You must enter your SVI password as this is linked to your account - if the password does not match then you will receive a registration error.