macOS Catalina (10.15.7) is available for installation

The macOS Big Sur upgrade has been suspended due to upgrade failures. As a result of this, we will be moving staff from macOS Mojave to macOS Catalina to ensure you continue to receive security updates from Apple and software updates from Microsoft.

This is a temporary measure and we will be looking to move you to macOS Big Sur or macOS Monterey next year.

macOS Catalina (10.15.7) is a currently supported operating system from Apple.

If your computer doesn't support macOS 10.15.7, SVI will endeavour to support you as long as common products do (i.e. Microsoft Office, etc), once they no longer support you, we will be unable to assist further and the purchase of a new computer or migration to a newer computer will be required.

We are required to keep up to date with Apple's new operating systems for needs of software upgrades and security. If we were not to do so, applications you use would start to break as updates came out for them. A major example being Microsoft Office which requires fairly new operating systems to remain functional. We’re also required under our cybersecurity insurance to ensure devices are kept up to date.

Please ensure you have a good backup prior to the upgrade. Although we do everything we can, issues can occur where a wipe and rebuild of your machine is required.

If you need assistance, please lodge a ticket at and we will be happy to assist.

The installation is over 8GB in size so we would recommend you complete this on-site at SVI, however, you can install this from home if you wish and the process can take up to 2 hours from start to finish. Longer depending on your internet connection speed.

macOS 10.15.7 is not compatible with the following softwares:

  • FlowJo 9 (FlowJo 10 is functional)

Nearly all other software available is compatible but may need an upgrade. Our systems should take care of that for you once you upgrade to macOS Catalina.

The installer will check two variables before proceeding for upgrade:

  • You need 12.5GB of storage free + 8GB for the Catalina installer (20.5GB free space required minimum).

  • Your computer must be connected to power for the duration of the installation.

Here are a list of a few exemptions for being able to complete the upgrade by yourself:

  • If you are on a device with a smaller storage size (128GB or below), please let us know as we'll need to complete this upgrade on your behalf.

  • If you are someone who uses Time Machine to backup your Mac, please let us know as we'll need to complete this upgrade on your behalf.

  • If you have a Dell D6000 Dock that you use to connect to your monitors, please let us know as we'll need to complete a firmware update on your dock + the installation of some additional software on your computer to enable the dock to function.

We will start enforcing the upgrade of Catalina in mid-November which is when Apple is dropping support for macOS Mojave.

If you don’t receive emails from us or pop-ups on your device regarding an upgrade to macOS Catalina, you are already on it or a newer operating system and are required to take no further action.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know by lodging an IT request at  or pop into the IT Office to ask further questions.