TeamViewer QuickSupport - macOS

Getting remote assistance from SVI IT

1. Open the TeamViewer QuickSupport application. This can be found by opening Finder → Applications; or you can use the Spotlight Search by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the top right of screen and start typing TeamViewer


2. Tick the box to accept the EULA and the DPA and then click Continue

3. The TeamViewer QuickSupport application will now open and will attempt to connect to SVI.

You do not need to do anything here yet - please wait



4. The TeamViewer QuickSupport application will connect to SVI automatically and the notice at the bottom will change to display “Ready to connect”.

It will automatically generate a Session code and put your name in the box. You can edit the name if you wish.

Your Session code will become visible to SVI IT and we can start the remote connection

You still don’t need to do anything just yet


5. When the SVI IT member is ready to assist you, they will ask to connect to your computer. You will see a pop-up box as per the image here - click the Allow button when you are ready.

Please note that when you click Allow, the IT member will be able to see everything open on your computer, as well as take control of your computer


Enabling Screen Recording

macOS does not allow applications to record your screen until you give them consent to do so. This means that even though you can open the TeamViewer QuickSupport application and SVI IT can remotely connect to your computer, we cannot see any of your screen until you enable this permission yourself. Apple does not allow us to automatically turn this on for you due to privacy reasons so you will have to follow the steps below the first time you use the TeamViewer QuickSupport application on any computer.

1. If you open TeamViewer QuickSupport and it detects that it does not have Screen Recording permissions, the following popup box will appear.

You will note that it shows Screen Recording as Denied.

Click the first button from the top, next to Screen Recording. The button text may show Request Access or Open Screen Recording Preferences.


2. This will open the “Security and Privacy” System Preferences settings as per the screenshot.

In the left column, find the Screen Recording option.

Then in the right column, tick the box next to TeamViewer QuickSupport.


3. A dialogue box will appear as per the screenshot.

Click the Later button.

4. The SVI IT member will now be able to see your screen and the popup box will change to show “Allowed” next to Screen Recording.