Windows 10 and 11 - Company Portal Missing

Company Portal is basically a ‘Self Service App Store’ which allows a user of a Windows computer to install a range of software themselves without having to request SVI IT to do it. Company Portal installs itself as an app on a per user basis but sometimes it will be missing if a user has logged in recently for the first time.

Follow these steps to force the installation of the app:

  1. In the Windows Notifications in the bottom right of the screen, check to see if you have a notification which says “Work or School Account Problem”. If so, click it:

    1. You will see a new window open giving you a multi factor authentication (MFA) prompt

    2. Enter the number you see on your computer screen, into your MFA app on your phone

    3. Once you have authenticated with this method, Company Portal should install itself after a few minutes (sometimes longer)

  2. If you do not have the “work or school account problem” notification, go to Windows Settings>Apps>Advanced Apps Settings

  3. If there is a button asking you to “Sign in”, click it and complete the MFA prompt as above and again Company Portal should install itself after a few minutes

None of The Above Worked For Me

If none of the above methods worked, you can install the Company Portal app manually using Microsoft Store:

  1. Search for the Microsoft Store app in your Start Menu and open it

  2. Search for Company Portal in the Search field and click Get


  3. The app will then download and install for you

  4. When the installation is complete, the Get button will have changed to Open

  5. You can either click Open or you will now find Company Portal in your Start Menu

Use this link for a step by step guide to installing software using Company Portal