1Password Password Manager

1Password Password Manager provides users with access a facility to securely store online account credentials, credit card details and many more. You won’t have to remember details for multiple accounts and you can create complex, secure passwords with the ability to share them between your team.

1Password is a paid product and access to it needs to be granted. Raise an IT request to discuss access to this product it.svi.edu.au

Setting up for the first time

A quick initial set up is needed for first time use

  1. Once access is granted, you will receive an email invitation from 1Password - follow the steps in this email to create your account - this will include setting MFA on your mobile device

  2. Store your “Emergency Kit” file somewhere secure

  3. Install the 1Password application on your SVI computer - Company Portal (Windows) or Self Service (MacOS)

  4. Sign in to the application - you will need to enter a 6 digit code from your mobile device with the MFA you set up earlier

  5. You can import passwords etc you have stored in another password manager

  6. If you have been given access to a shared team “Vault” you will see that automatically

  7. If you want to install the application on your mobile phone, scan the QR code on your emergency kit file and follow the steps

Adding the 1Password browser extension/add on

Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari web browsers have a 1Password extension/add on available to use which make it very easy to enter your saved credentials for online accounts

  1. Add the extension/add on from relevant browser store

  2. Sign into 1Password when prompted, you will need your Emergency kit handy


  • If you see the 1Password icon has a padlock symbol on it, you are not signed in. Click the icon to sign in again.

  • You have forgotten your master password for 1Password - the 1Password administrator (IT) will need to reset it for you, please raise a ticket at it.svi.edu.au