Desk Phone Voicemail

This information is for setting up and accessing your desk telephone's Voicemail.  The telephone system is run by St Vincent's Hospital IS department, not SVI IT.  Support requests should be made directly to them.

Voicemail is a message service available to all analogue/digital desk phones within the Hospital. This service can be utilised when the phone is busy, not answered or diverted directly to voicemail.

Voicemail is not standard on each phone as requests can be made via the St Vincent's Hospital I.S. Help Desk to have the service connected or disconnected as required. An indication that Voicemail is not connected to your phone is, if you find your phone is not diverting through to Voicemail when unanswered/busy.

Each voicemail service is protected by a four digit password that can only be reset by the Telecommunications Department. Password resets should be directed through the IS Help Desk.

Hospital Voicemail Guide


Support requests for Voicemail are to be made directly to the St Vincent's Hospital IS department: