SVI Device - Company Portal - Windows

This guide is designed to assist SVI users in syncing their devices through the company portal. Manually syncing your SVI device ensures that the latest updates released by the IT department are applied.


  1. Using the windows search bar, search for the company portal.

  2. Select the company portal icon, or select open.

    Screenshot 2024-05-20 103135-20240520-005406.png

  3. Once you are in the portal, in the bottom left of the window, select the cog icon (Settings).

    Screenshot 2024-05-20 103159-20240520-003408.png

  4. This will then open the settings page of the company portal. Once there select sync.

  5. Once the sync has finished, a date, time and success/unsuccessful status is displayed under the sync button. Once the sync has been completed close the window.

Syncing your SVI device can run in the background, enabling you to continue working without interruption. Please ensure the company portal remains open until the sync is complete.