SVI - Using the Terminal Server

This article is to assist those who are unfamiliar with the setup of the Remote Access Servers. This will cover the basics in how to access network drives and the use of applications.

The applications available on the Terminal Server are as follows:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • EndNote X9

  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Publisher only)

  • Stuart

The applications that are not available are as follows:

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Zoom

These applications do not work correctly on the Terminal Server as it is not possible to pass-through your camera and microphone.

If you require the use of another program, please inform SVI IT via a support ticket. This list will be updated as new applications are added.

We will be advising against the installation of resource-intensive programs due to the structure of the terminal server and the fact we will have multiple people logged in at once who will see the impact of such loads.

These include programs like:

  • Adobe products (excluding Acrobat)

  • Fiji

  • ImageStudioLite

  • R/RStudio

Applications such as Fiji, ImageStudioLite and R are all free products however and you are welcome to install these on personal devices if required.


Accessing Network Drives/Groups Drives

Network Drives/Groups Drives are now contained into one network location.

Accessing the G:\ Drive will show you a list of all network locations that you have access too.

If you discover you do not have access to a particular share, please let SVI IT know via a support ticket.

 Searching for Applications

The use of the search bar in Windows will allow you to find access to applications not shown in the taskbar.