Microsoft Teams Meetings (with external users)

This guide will show you how to create a meeting in Teams and also give you ability on invite external users (people without SVI user accounts) to Teams Voice/Video meetings

Please see the guide for basic Teams usage



Open the desktop Teams application and select calendar on the left sidebar

Either click New Meeting or drag to select the desired meeting time on the calendar

Give your meeting a title

Type in the name of the attendees, internal attendees will populate automatically.

External email addresses, need to be “invited”

Check the date and time of the meeting. You can set the meeting to repeat as required

Add a description for the meeting. This will be shown in the invite that people receive

Click save. All attendees will get a calendar invitation sent for the meeting with joining instructions

To start the meeting, click “Join” on the calendar entry

Or you can click “Join” on the calendar itself


Attendees can click the link on the invitation they get emailed

All external users get the same link and they are asked to enter their name when they connect. You can send this link to a group of people to use. You might send the invite you your personal email account and then copy that link and forward it one to your list of attendees. The link will look something like this.{"Tid"%3A"de5c65c7-286c-4343-986c-530139e9bb6e"%2C"Oid"%3A"43f9d52a-ef06-45ff-8ec3-de615468272d"}

External users wait in “the lobby” until they are admitted