Group Drives - Windows

These instructions will detail how to access the Group Drives on a Windows computer (otherwise known as network drives).

Note 1 - Network drives are only accessible from the SVI network. This means you must be either on-site and plugged in with a blue Ethernet cable, on-site and connected to the svi wireless network, or be using an SVI laptop with the VPN installed and connected.

Note 2 - After completing the instructions below, if you do not see a drive that you want access to then please lodge an IT Request and select the ‘Access to a network share’ option.


1. Press either the Windows button or the Search icon at the bottom left of screen

2. Type \\\files (ensure you use the backslash symbol and not the forward slash symbol)

3. Click on the Map network drive button

4. In the next window that appears, click on the dropdown box next to Drive: and change this to G:

5. Click Finish