Sending and sharing files to external people

You have several options to send files to people outside SVI. The best one to use depends on the purpose:

  • Email

    • Up to 25MB per email

  • OneDrive and SharePoint sharing

    • Total storage of 1TB per account, no file limit, ongoing sync - external sharing permission not available by default

  • FileSender by AARNet

    • Up to 10TB, 1000 file limit

  • Contact IT to arrange a direct transfer between organisations

    • Only for specific circumstances


The maximum email size is 25MB. This is fine for single documents that are just sent for people to read, however for collaborative work, consider using OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.

If your file is larger than 25MB, use OneDrive to send a share link.

OneDrive and SharePoint

The ability to share files externally is not available by default for security reasons. Please raise an IT ticket to request permission to do so. Permissions are granted on a case-by-case basis and not guaranteed.

Once permission is granted:

Move the document you want to share into one of your OneDrive folders.

If you have the OneDrive application installed and signed in on your computer, you can right click on any file or folder inside your OneDrive folder and click the Share button with the OneDrive cloud logo. You will see the below screen:

Carefully decide whether you want to recipient to be able to edit the file (Anyone with the link can edit), or if you only want them to be able to read the file click the Anyone… button and then untick the Allow editing box.

Insert an email address in the field and click Send, or alternatively click the Copy Link button.


If you don’t have the OneDrive application, use the web browser.

  • In any web browser, navigate to

  • Click the Sign In button and put in your SVI UPN and password (<username>

  • Click the OneDrive icon

  • Find the file you want to share

  • Highlight it with your mouse and click the share icon that appears:


Sharing From your OneDrive

  1. Hover over desired file/folder and right click, then click share

  2. The option box below will display, then you will need to manually enter the email address of the recipient

  3. You will be prompted that you are sharing the file externally - click ok

  4. Enter a message if needed then click invite

  5. Your recipient will be sent an invitation link which they click on and follow the prompts from there to access the shared file


FileSender by AARNet

You must have a University of Melbourne account to use FileSender

AARNet stands for Australian Academic and Research Network and is the ISP (Internet Service Provider) specifically for Australian universities, CSIRO and other organisations with a research and education mission.

FileSender is designed to meet the specific needs of researchers and file transfers of up to 10 TB are available to each individual researcher at AARNet-connected institutions.

More information regarding FileSender can be found here:

Contact IT

If none of the above methods are suitable, or you are trying to share files greater than 500GB, IT may be able to help facilitate a direct transfer. Please submit an IT Request with the full details.