Personal device - Windows - Printer setup

This process will connect your Windows device to the SVI Printers. You must be at SVI to install the printers.

Step-by-step guide

You must be logged onto the SVI Wi-Fi network to see the list of printers.

  1. Navigate to

  2. Download the installation package that it provides you

  3. Run this package and go through the prompts

  4. You will then be given a list of printers available to be installed on your device.

  5. Select the printer you wish to install and select Next.

  6. You will be asked to provide your SVI username and password to allow you to print.

  7. Once installation is successful, navigate to Printers & Scanners in Control Panel (for Windows 7) or Settings > Devices > Printers (for Windows 10)

  8. You should now see your selected printer with Mobility in the name to confirm that you have successfully installed the printer.

Video Guide