Getting started with SLURM at SVI




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SSH access is only available internally to the SLURM login node. To use remotely you can access it by following


There is a lot of documentation online so remember Google is your friend. It may be worth getting your group to collaborate on an internal document that has useful commands that you actually use. This will be great for onboarding new team members and will narrow in on commands that your team actually uses.


Try not to allocate more resources than you will actually use so that there are more resources available for everyone else.

RStudio Server Pro on SLURM

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  • For this to work you must have a current Kerberos ticket on the SLURM cluster. A Kerberos ticket is created automatically when you login via ssh to the slurm login node.

RStudio Server Pro uses a feature called launcher to run on SLURM. There is some info on it at The video uses a Kubernetes cluster but you will get the idea.


When testing there was a reasonable delay on sessions starting new sessions. I found that if you left the web page it would start eventually. Feel free to try refreshing your browser page or going back to you home area. This may not be th case when the cluster has more resources.