Personal device - Office Products

All SVI staff (with the exclusion of Honours Students) have access to use Office 365 desktop applications on personal devices whilst they remain employed/associated with SVI.
















Microsoft Teams


Please do not follow these instructions for SVI devices - Office products should already be installed and licensed. If you are having issues with Office products on SVI devices, please lodge an IT Request.

  1. Navigate to the website

  2. Click the Sign In button at the top right of screen and sign in with your SVI email address and password

  3. Click the Install Office button as shown below:

  4. Click Office 365 apps in the dropdown menu that appears

  5. This will then download an installer package - click the Run button that appears

  6. Follow the prompts to install the apps

  7. Once these have finished downloading and are installed, when you first open a program you may be prompted to sign in to activate the licence. Put in your UPN - this is your <username>

    1. If your account was created prior to 2015, you may have a username that has been shortened to 8 characters

    2. For NRL staff, this is not your email address - ensure you put

  8. This licence will stay active as long as your SVI IT account is active.