SVI Device - Windows 10 and 11 - Software Installation

In addition to the core software such as Office 365 which is already preinstalled on all Windows computers, you can install others from the Company Portal application. This process does not require the IT team to complete the installation for you so saves you time.

Windows 10

  1. Open the Company Portal app in your Start Menu


  2. You can search all available apps alphabetically or manually search clicking on the magnifying glass icon and type the name

  3. Click the app you would like to install and then click “Install” (example app below)

  4. Wait whilst the download and installation completes, you will be advised if a computer restart is required.


Windows 11

Similar to Windows 10 the same steps apply but will appear slightly different.

  1. Open the Start menu by clicking the windows button on your keyboard.

  2. Once at the Start menu, click on the search bar.

  3. Once you have clicked the search bar, type in company portal and click open.

  4. Once company portal has opened, to find the app you are wanting to download, click the magnifying glass

  5. Search for the app you want.

  6. Click the Install button and it will first say “Download pending” and then will go to “installing”

  7. Once it has finished installing the app is ready to be used like any other app.

If you are not able to find the app you need, please lodge an IT request with the details including where the software can be sourced from and IT will make it available (please allow some time for this).