Updating Your Computer

Regular updates are required for the smooth and secure operation of your computer. When prompted to do so, please install any updates and restart your computer if required to complete the update.

If you notice any errors or issues with the update process, please lodge an IT Request and we will assist you resolving this one.

Windows 10/11

Updates are delivered both through the Windows Settings app or the Dell Command Update app. Updates are generally downloaded in the background whilst you work for both apps, and you may see a notification in the bottom right your screen asking you to install the update(s)/restart your computer to complete the installation.

As soon as possible, do what the notification is asking you to do.


Operating system updates are delivered from Apple via the System Preferences/System Settings app, you will need to click to install and restart your computer when prompted. SVI IT also has a service in place which will prompt you to complete an update if you have not done so. Whilst you can defer the prompts, we recommend you complete the installation as soon as possible as the prompts will be become more frequent as time passes.

If you cannot install the update, restart your computer and try again.