Group Drives - Mac

This process will connect your Mac to the SVI file server.  You must be connected to the SVI network - either on-site with an Ethernet cable, connected to the SVI wireless network, or connected to the VPN.

Note 1 - Network drives are only accessible from the SVI network. This means you must be either on-site and plugged in with a blue Ethernet cable, on-site and connected to the svi wireless network, or be using an SVI laptop with the VPN installed and connected.

Note 2 - After completing the instructions below, if you do not see a drive that you want access to, please lodge an IT Request and select the ‘Access to a network share’ option.

Step-by-step guide

You will need your SVI username and password

  1. In the Finder menu, click Go → Connect to Server

    1. Command+K is the keyboard shortcut for this menu

  2. In the server address field type smb://

    1. Note: these are forward slashes

    2. You can also press the + icon at the bottom of this window to save this address as a favourite.

  3. You may need to Click to Connect

  4. Enter your SVI username and password

    1. If this is your regular computer, you may choose to save the password

  5. Your network drive will be mounted on your desktop

Connecting automatically on login

If you wish to have this groups drive connect when you login:

  1. Open System Preferences

  2. Click Users & Groups at the bottom

  3. Select your Account

  4. Click the Login Items tab

  5. Drag the files network drive icon from the desktop to the window

If you are not connected to the SVI network when you first log in, this will fail. You will need to follow the first steps in this article to connect again manually.

Mapping network drives in this manner can cause prompts in Microsoft Teams when off-site regarding the mapping of these drives, these can safely be ignored.

Screenshot guide

Select Go from the Finder menu

Select Connect to Server

Enter smb://